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Energy Efficiency as a Service

Solaris Energy provides energy efficiency on an outsourced basis, much like a utility service.


Why consider energy as a service?

  • Unpredictable energy costs

  • Federal, state and local regulations

  • Reducing carbon footprint

  • Security

  • Attracting employees through green company policies


Solaris Energy does a complete energy audit of your commercial or industrial facility and provides you with a plan to reduce energy costs.  Solaris pays for 100% of the design, engineering and construction costs and installs, monitors and owns the equipment.


As the customer, you enter into a long-term Energy Service Agreement (ESA) to pay for the upgrades through the realized energy savings.


After the ESA term expires, you have the option to purchase the equipment at fair market value and keep all ongoing savings, renew the original ESA term or let the contract expire and the equipment will be removed.


Think of it like a lease-to-own program, but for energy!


Solaris Energy - Energy Efficiency as a Service
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